The OnePager functionality defines itself through its jumping points or so called anchors.

Each row of your page can function as an anchor. Press the edit icon on the row you want to jump to via the menu and switch to the “Most Wanted Options”.


The options you find here allow you to enter an anchor id. Please do not use any whitespace or special characters here!

This will be the jumping point that will be also visible in the URL. When you load this URL later the page will redirect itself to this scrolling position.

The offset you can enter below the id is a pixel value which moves the virtual anchor a some pixels higher (negative value) or lower (positive value) on the page. Please note that this value will be ignored by the browser when you load the page with the URL including the anchor directly.


After creating the anchors you now can use them in the menu you have created for the OnePager.

Please use the “Links” menu item and insert a leading # and then the anchor id. Example: #highlights